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Just like so many other businesses, Crush Interiors started with a passion. A deep desire to change the way interior design is delivered.

A simple phone call between 2 friends turned into a conversation about the frustrations of working in an industry that doesn’t feel authentic. An hour later a meeting had been arranged to talk it out further and see if there was something that could be done.

Frustration with an industry that only services the elite, a lack of transparency surrounding pricing and no room for the needs of the middle class.

Those were the things that came up over and over. We scratched our heads and wondered why it wasn’t being done better. And we walked away with an idea for a new business that dares to be different.


I grew up when the Sears catalogue was delivered to your door. This provided the very first raw materials for my foray into interior design. I would meticulously cut out the furniture and arrange floor plans. And while I should have been running around playing like all the other kids, I was busy honing my design skills.

So naturally when it came time to decide on post-secondary education, I chose journalism and then law.

My early work years were spent in the corporate world. As I made my way up the corporate ladder I knew I would never find the joy I was looking for so I packed in a successful career and headed back to school to study Interior Design.

I studied at George Brown in Toronto, Ontario and started my own design firm immediately afterwards. With 10 years experience under my belt I made the move to Vancouver and have never looked back.

I’ve always lived a creative life.

I must have owned a Barbie but I don’t remember her. I remember pencil marks, eraser smudges, paint splatters and the smell of markers (non-toxic, of course). My childhood Sunday mornings were spent poring over the newspaper comics, copying the illustrations in every detail. I was going to be an artist.

My love of drawing remained with me but the subject matter evolved. I began creating architectural illustrations and soon found I had a growing audience spanning North America. My hobby soon turned to a business when I started receiving commissions for the illustrations along with my furniture and home interior renderings.

Photography became a secondary passion and as I sharpened my skills my work found it’s way into The Globe & Mail and a coffee table book about Instagram.

When my husband and I bought our first home, a fixer-upper, I poured my creative energy into creating a beautiful home and found a true passion in interior design.

Finally finding my calling, I attended and graduated from BCIT with a Management Certificate of Interior Design with Distinction. Currently living, creating and designing in Vancouver, BC. 




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