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Best White Paint (Warm and Cool)


We’ve seen you at the paint store standing in front of the rack of whites with the look of terror on your face. We’ve also seen you at home with 25 white paint chips spread out across your kitchen table. They can simultaneously look all the same and infinitely different. For the untrained eye those subtle undertones are difficult to see which makes the decision so difficult. Below we’re sharing our best white paint, both warm and cool, which will hopefully make your selection process a little easier.



 Undertones are the scariest part of picking a white paint. Don't be intimidated. We're sharing the best white paint (warm and cool) so you can tackle the paint store like a pro.



If there is such a thing as a pure white in the paint world, this is it. It’s like paper white and if you hold up other whites beside it you’ll see that Chantilly Lace looks white while the others show their undertones.

Use It: this colour is perfect for kitchen cabinetry because it never reads as dirty like some other whites do.

Skip It: Because of its almost indiscernible blue undertone this is a cool colour and looks better paired with other cool colours. If you have linen, sand or taupe fabrics in your room skip this one and find a warmer white.



Another cool and almost white white. It has the slightest hint of gray which keeps it cool but really, it looks just plain white.

Use It: This is a great white to use on the walls if you have an art collection you want to stand out.

Skip It: Don’t use this in rooms with low light. It will create shadows and feel cold and dingy.



This is easily one of the most versatile white paints out there. It works well with almost all other colours and almost always reads as pure white.

Use It: Perfect for cabinetry and trim where you really want to create the look of a white kitchen or bathroom.

Skip It: As above, this one works better in rooms with at least moderate light.



This has been a Benjamin Moore go-to for so many years. It’s loved by designers, paint store employees and customers alike. It’s a creamy white that looks like a warm white if it’s the only white in the room.

Use It: it’s perfect for trim and doors. The warm undertones keep it from being too stark. Unless your trim and doors are historical you don’t need to emphasize them.

Skip It: In any room where there is already an existing white (cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, etc). This will look dirty next to a more stark white.



This is a whiter white than Cloud White although it still has a very subtle yellow undertone. It works really well in places that you want a fresher white that isn’t too stark.

Use It: It can also be a really good white if you’re looking to paint in an area that currently has a lot of white (bathrooms, kitchens). It’s the shape shifter of the white world.

Skip It: Avoid using it in rooms with pink or purple in them. The yellow undertone in this white will fight those colours and it’ll look off.



This is a beautiful white that almost has an antique look to it. If you’re looking for a white that is very warm, this is your guy.

Use It: In historical spaces where you want a white that reads as a natural, easy off-white.

Skip It: In rooms where a lot of light colour currently exists. This colour does really well alongside dark colours.


Tell us about your favourite white. And if white’s not your thing you can find out about our go-to paint colours.

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